TVS Group - Other Companies

Other Companies

  • Sundaram Textiles Limited
  • Transenergy Limited
  • Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited
  • India Japan Lighting Private Limited
  • TVS Automotive Europe Limited
  • India Motor Parts & Accessories Limited
  • TVS Autoparts Private Limited
  • India Nippon Electricals Limited
  • IRIZAR TVS Private Limited
  • TVS Electronics Limited
  • Lakshmi Auto Components Limited
  • TVS Finance and Services Limted
  • Lucas Indian Service Limited
  • TVS Interconnect Systems Limited
  • Lucas-TVS Limited
  • TVS Lanka Private Limited
  • Southern Roadways Limited
  • TVS Motor Company Limited
  • Sundaram Brake Linings Limited
  • Sundaram-Clayton Limited
  • TVS Sewing Needles Limited
  • Sundaram Dynacast Limited
  • TVS Srichakra Limited
  • T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Limited
  • Sundaram Industries Limited
  • Anusha Investments Limited, Chennai
  • Holding company : Sundaram-Clayton Limited, Chennai
  • Ultimate Holding Company : T V Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Limited, Coimbatore
  • Fellow subsidiaries : TVS Motor Company Limited, Chennai
  • Sundaram Auto Components Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Motor (Singapore) Pte. Limited, Singapore
  • TVS Motor Company (Europe) B V, Amsterdam
  • PT.TVS Motor Company Indonesia, Indonesia
  • TVS Energy Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Investments Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Electronics Limited, Chennai
  • Tumkur Property Holdings Limited, Chennai
  • Prime Property Holdings Limited, Chennai
  • TVS-E Access (India) Limited, Chennai
  • TVS-E Servicetec Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Capital Funds Limited, Chennai
  • Sravanaa Properties Limited, Chennai
  • Southern Roadways Limited, Coimbatore
  • Sundaram Industries Limited, Coimbatore
  • The Associated Auto Parts Limited, Mumbai
  • TVS Interconnect Systems Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVS Logistics Services Limited, Coimbatore
  • Lucas-TVS Limited, Chennai
  • Sundaram Textiles Limited,Coimbatore
  • NSM Holdings Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVSNet Technologies Limited, Coimbatore
  • TOR Projects & Services Limited, Coimbatore
  • NK Telecom Products Limited, Coimbatore
  • NK Telesystems Limited, Coimbatore
  • TVS Automotive Europe Liimted, UK
  • TVS CJ Components Limited, UK
  • TVS Logistics Iberia S.L., Spain
  • TVS Logistics Siam Limited, Thailand
  • TVS Autoserv GmbH, Germany
  • TVS Logistics Investment UK Limited, UK
  • YeleStre Holdings Limited, UK
  • Multipart (Holdings) Limited, UK
  • Multipart Solutions Limited, UK
  • IH Crick Property Co Limited, UK
  • Msys Software Solutions Limited, UK
  • Globe Dynamics Limited, UK
  • Globe Transport Products Limited, UK
  • TVS Dynamic Global Freight Services Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Commutation Solutions Limited, Coimbatore
  • Lucas Indian Service Limited, Chennai
  • TVS Automotive Systems Limited, Chennai
  • Iranian Automotive Systems, Iran
  • Sundram Non-Conventional Energy Systems Limited, Chennai
  • Madras Auto Service
  • Sundaram Motors
  • Sundarams Limited
  • Sundaram Charities
  • Rico Group, UK

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