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Katsuhisa Hōki - Roles - Dubbing - Film
... Ving Rhames Con Air (TV Asahi dub) (Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones) Day of the Dead (Captain Rhodes) Mission Impossible (TV Asahi edition) (Luther Stickell) Mission ... Watch Officer (Nippon TV edition)) Ali (Jabir Herbert Muhammad) Aliens (2004 TV Asahi edition) (Sergeant Al Apone) Alien Resurrection (TV edition) (General Perez) Armageddon (Fu ... Strangelove (DVD edition) (General Buck Turgidson) Dreamgirls (Marty Madison) Drunken Master II (Fu Wen-Chi) Escape from L.A ...
Mizuho Suzuki - Roles - Dubbing Roles
... Juror) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Prime Minister Belinger) Ben-Hur (TV Asahi edition) (Quintus Arrius) The Bridge on the River Kwai (Fuji TV edition) (Colonel Saito) Columbo Mind ... Kinderman) Field of Dreams (Archibald "Moonlight" Graham) Gladiator (TV Asahi edition) (Marcus Aurelius) Go Tell the Spartans (Major Asa Barker) The Godfather (television edition) (Vito ...
Ben Hiura - Roles - Dubbing Roles - Live-action
... Boy Scout (Joe Cornelius Hallenbeck) Death Becomes Her (1996 Nippon TV edition (Dr ... McNamara) Hostage (2009 TV Asahi edition (Police Chief Jeff Talley)) Sin City (Det ... New Year's Eve (Stan Harris) Freelancers (Captain Joe Sarcone) Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon 2 (1993 TV Asahi edition (Leo Getz)) Home Alone (1998 TV Asahi edition (Harry ...

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