Tutu may refer to:


  • Ballet tutu, a costume


  • Desmond Tutu (born 1931), South African archbishop, activist against apartheid, and Nobel Peace Prize winner
  • Osei Kofi Tutu I (died 1717), Ashantehene, ruler of Kumasi, co-founder of the Empire of Ashanti
  • Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II (born 1950), 16th Asantehene, King of the Ashanti
  • Skelley Adu Tutu (born 1979), Ghanaian footballer
  • Tutu Chengcui (died 820), a powerful eunuch during the reign of Chinese Emperor Xianzong
  • Tutu (Egyptian official), an official during the period 1350–1335 BC


  • Tutu (island), in the Arno Atoll of the Marshall Islands
  • Tutu, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Tutu, United States Virgin Islands, a subdivision of the island of Saint Thomas
  • Tuţu, a village in Corbiţa Commune, Vrancea County, Romania

In mythology:

  • Tutu (Egyptian god), a protective deity
  • Tutu (Mesopotamian god), one of the Anunnaku

In arts and entertainment:

  • Tutu (album), a 1986 album by Miles Davis
  • "Tūtū", a composition by Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaiʻi
  • Princess Tutu, an anime series, or the titular character
  • The wife of Tottles the Bear

Other uses:

  • Tutu (plant), poisonous New Zealand plants of the genus Coriaria

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... poisonous plant derivative found in the New Zealand tutu plant (Coriaria arborea, Coriaria genus, several different species) ... (Scolypopa australis) have been feeding on the sap of tutu bushes ... been harvesting honeydew from passion vine hoppers feeding on tutu plants ...
Tutu (Egyptian Official) - Letter: "Coming--on Condition"
... The undamaged letter EA 164 by Aziru, to Tutu is a good example of the intrigues of Aziru in north Canaan, and the involvement of all the local regions, and leaders ... Letter EA 164 "To Tutu, my lord, my father Message of Aziru, your servant ... Amurru), and my brothers, the servants of the king, my lord, and the servants of Tutu, my lord, are overjoyed when the breath of the king, my lord, comes ...
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Tutu (Egyptian God)
... Tutu (or Tithoes in Greek) was an Egyptian god worshipped by ordinary people all over Egypt during the late period ... The only known temple dedicated to Tutu is located in ancient Kellis, but reliefs depicting Tutu are seen in other temples, such as the Temple of Kalabsha ... Tutu's title at the Shenhur temple was "Who comes to the one calling him" ...