Turn! Turn! Turn!

"Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)", often abbreviated to "Turn! Turn! Turn!", is a song adapted entirely from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible (with the exception of the last line) and put to music by Pete Seeger in 1959. Seeger waited until 1962 to record his own version of it, releasing the song on his The Bitter and the Sweet album on Columbia Records.

The song became an international hit in late 1965 when it was covered by the American folk rock band The Byrds, reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #26 on the UK Singles Chart. Many biblical scholars believe that Ecclesiastes 3 implies King Solomon (born c. 1011 BC) as the book's author, but regardless of its precise origins, The Byrds' version of the song easily holds the record for the number 1 hit with the oldest lyrics.

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