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Borland Pascal is still taught at some secondary, sixth form and university levels, e.g., Malta, at colleges in Germany and the USA, and at secondary schools in Argentina, Jamaica, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Libya, Tunisia, France, Vietnam, Canada and Ukraine. It was the state-approved educational programming language for all South African secondary schools until 2002. Today it continues to be taught in some universities around the world as an introduction to computer programming, usually advancing to C or Java or both.

Some lecturers prefer to use Borland Pascal 7 or Turbo Pascal 5.5 because of its simplicity in comparison to more modern IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Borland JBuilder, so it introduces students unfamiliar with computing to common tasks such as using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts (TP 5.5 has no mouse support), familiarises them with DOS commands (which are largely the same as those of Microsoft Windows's command prompt), and lets them write programs without too much worry about simply getting the environment to work. TP 5.5 is legally available as a free download from Borland.

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