Tunnel Oxide Layer

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Charge Trap Flash - Charge Trapping Operation - Charge Trapping Vs Floating Gate Mechanisms
... flash electrons are stored in a trapping layer just as they are stored in the floating gate in a standard flash memory, EEPROM, or EPROM ... The key difference is that the charge trapping layer is an insulator, while the floating gate is a conductor ... High write loads in a flash memory cause stress on the tunnel oxide layer creating small disruptions in the crystal lattice called “oxide defects.” If a ...

Famous quotes containing the words layer and/or tunnel:

    A revolution is not the overturning of a cart, a reshuffling in the cards of state. It is a process, a swelling, a new growth in the race. If it is real, not simply a trauma, it is another ring in the tree of history, layer upon layer of invisible tissue composing the evidence of a circle.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)

    It is the light
    At the end of the tunnel as it might be seen
    By him looking out somberly at the shower,
    The picture of hope a dying man might turn away from,
    Realizing that hope is something else, something concrete
    You can’t have.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)