Tukojirao Holkar II

Maharajadhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Sawai Shri Sir Tukoji Rao II Holkar XI Bahadur was the Maharaja of Indore belonging to the Holkar dynasty of the Marathas. His birth name was Shrimant Yukaji Jaswant Holkar. He was the son of Sardar Shrimant Santoji Rao Holkar, from the collateral branch of the Holkar dynasty.

On the death of Khande Rao Holkar II in 1844 former Maharaja Martand Rao Holkar claimed the throne for himself,but his request, backed by many nobles, was not given by the British. Kesara Bai Sahib, one of the widows of Yaswant Rao Holkar, suggested the name of the younger son of Bhao Santoji Holkar,(uncle of Martand Rao). The proposal was accepted and the 12 year old Jaswant Holkar was installed with the regnal name of Tukoji Rao Holkar II on 23 June 1844

The regency council, controlled by the resident continued,At age 16 ( 1848 ) Tukoji Rao II began participating in the government formally.Kesara Bai died in 1849 and Tukoji further expanded his participation in the affairs and soon was granted all the powers ( March 8 of 1852 ) on attaining 20 years.In this period many reforms were introduced.

In 1846 he married Maharani Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Mhalsa Bai Sahib Holkar (known as Rukhma Bai, who died of cholera in Indore in June 1848).after her death in 1849 he married Maharani Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Bhagirathi Bai Sahib Holkar and Maharani Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Radha Bai Sahib Holkar

He died at Maheshwar on 17 June 1886 and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son Shivajirao Holkar, born in 1859 (the first two sons had died in 1854 and 1857).

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