Troy: Lord of The Silver Bow

Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow is a 2005 historical fantasy novel by British fantasy writer David Gemmell, forming part of his Troy Series. According to WorldCat it is found in over 650 libraries.

Backcover blurb: Three lives will change the destiny of nations. Helikaon, the young prince of Dardania, haunted by a scarred and traumatic childhood. The priestess Andromache, whose fiery spirit and fierce independence threatens the might of kings. And the legendary warrior Argurios, cloaked in loneliness and driven only by thoughts of revenge. In Troy they find a city torn apart by destructive rivalries. And beyond its fabled walls blood-hungry enemies eye its riches and plot its downfall. It is a time of bravery and betrayal. A time of bloodshed and fear. A time for heroes.

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... Andromache's name means strength of a man in the language of her kin, possibly Iberians that migrated to Thebe Under Plakos ... Andromache's father is Ektion, a man who desires wealth above almost all else ...

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