Trolleybus Wires

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Overhead Line - Crossings
... Trams draw their power from a single overhead wire at about 500 to 750 V, while trolleybuses draw their power from two overhead wires at a similar voltage ... Because of that, at least one of the trolleybus wires must be insulated from tram wires ... This is usually solved by the trolleybus wires running continuously through the crossing, with the tram conductors a few centimetres lower ...
Overhead Line - Crossings - Greece
... In Athens, there are two crossings between tram and trolleybus wires, at Vas ... Olgas Avenue, with tram and trolleybus wires side-by-side above a narrow lane of road ... The trolleybus wires were on the far right of the lane, away from the trams' (very wide) pantographs ...

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