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Product History

During its history, Trillium has developed over 150 software products, which parallel the evolution and development of the network infrastructure. These software products support communications protocols specified in international (e.g. ITU), national (e.g. ANSI) and industry (e.g. IETF) standards. These products are licensed primarily to telecommunications equipment manufacturers and include:

Technology Description Products First Customer Ship
X.25, X.75 Connection oriented protocols to provide data communications over the packet switched wide area network (WAN). X.25, X.75, LAPB June 1990
ISDN Protocols to manage and support integrated voice and data communications over a phone line. Uses a circuit-switched telephone network system, that also provides access to the packet switched wide area network (WAN). Q.930/Q.931, LAPD December 1990
Frame Relay Protocols to manage and support data communications between local area networks (LANs) and end-points over a packet switched wide area network (WAN). Q.933/LMI November 1991
SS7, SIGTRAN Telephony signaling protocols used to set up and tear down telephone calls on the public switched telephone network. MTP 2, MTP 3, SCCP, TCAP, ISUP, MAP 3G, MAP IS-41, INAP, CAP, MTP 3B, Q.2140, DUA, IUA, M2PA, M2UA, M3UA, SCTP, SUA, V5UA March 1992
ATM Connection oriented protocols to manage and support the transmission of data, voice and video communications over cell based networks AAL2 Signalling, Q.SAAL November 1993
V5 Protocols to manage communications between the telephone exchange and the local loop. Envelope Function, LAPV, Layer 3 February 1996
Interworking Protocols to manage and support interworking, conversion and translation between different control and signalling protocols. Protocol Specific Functions April 1997
Fault tolerance, high availability Software to manage and support load distribution across multiple processor configuations and/or fault tolerant active/standby processor configurations. DFT/HA Core, Load Distribution Functions June 1998
VoIP Protocols to manage and support the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet-switched networks. H.323, SIP, MGCP, H.248/MEGACO, RTP/RTCP/SRTP March 1999
Wireless Protocols to manage and support the transmission of voice, data and video over wireless networks. 2G – MAP IS-41, SS7; 2.5G – BSSGP, CAP, GMM/SM, GTP, LLC, MAP 3G, NS, RLC/MAC SNDCP; 3G – ALCAP, CAP FP, GMM/SM, GTP, lu UP, MAC 3G, MAP 3G, NBAP, PDCP, RANAP, RLC 3G, RNSAP, RRC, SIGTRAN March 1999
IMS Protocols to manage and support the transmission of Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia to mobile users on wireless networks. AAL5, COPS, Diameter, ISUP, MAP 3G, M3UA, MTP 2, MTP 3, MTP 3B, Q.2140, SCCOP, SCCP, SCTP, SIP, TCAP, TUCL
Femtocell Protocols to manage and support the transmission of voice, data and video over wireless networks using small residential or business base stations. RRC, PDCP, RLC 3G, MAC 3G, MAC-hs, MAC-c, MAC-es, RANAP, SCCP, SUA, M3UA, SCTP, lu UP, GTP, lu-h, UMA Client, Diameter, GMM/SM, SIP, FP, NBAP, SCTP, TR-069

Trillium software has been used in over 500 communications and networking products.

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