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Heart Of Glass (song) - Production
... drum machine, another important feature of the CR-78 was that it could be used to send a trigger pulse to the early polymorphic synthesizers ... This trigger pulse feature was also used on "Heart of Glass." The trigger pulse created by the CR-78 became a distinctive electronic/synth element of the song ...
Krytron - Performance
... This design, dating from the late 1940s, is still capable of pulse-power performance which even the most advanced semiconductors (even IGBTs) cannot match easily ... Krytrons and sprytrons are capable of handling high current high voltage pulses, with very fast switching times, constant, low, and low jitter time delay between application of the trigger. 1 nanosecond can be achieved, with a delay between the application of the trigger pulse and switching which can be as low as about 30 nanoseconds ...
List Of 7400 Series Integrated Circuits
7412 triple 3-input NAND gate with open collector outputs 7413 dual Schmitt trigger 4-input NAND gate 7414 hex Schmitt trigger inverter 741G14 single Schmitt trigger inverter 7415 triple 3-input ... preset and clear 7477 4-bit bistable latch 74H78 dual positive pulse triggered J-K flip-flop with preset, common clock, and common clear (different pinout than 74L78 / 74Ls78) 74L78 dual positive pulse ...

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