Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

Tribunals, Courts And Enforcement Act 2007

The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It provides for several diverse matters relating to the law, some of them being significant changes to the structure of the courts and fundamental legal procedures. Part 1 provides a scheme for radical overhaul of the tribunal system in the UK, creating a new unified structure with two new tribunals to embrace the former fragmented scheme, along with a Senior President of Tribunals. Part 2 defines new criteria for appointment as a judge, generally reducing the length of experience required with the aim of increasing diversity in the judiciary. Part 3 creates a new system of taking control of goods in order to enforce judgments and abolishes ancient common law writs and remedies such as fieri facias, replevin and distress for rent. It further abolishes the ancient office of bailiff in the recovery of debts and replaces it with a modern system of certified enforcement agents. Part 4 makes some changes to attachment of earnings and charging orders to make recovery of debts more straightforward. Part 5 makes some changes to insolvency practice in order to provide low-cost protection for people who have previously been excluded owing to their small debts and lack of assets. Part 6 provides protection from seizure for foreign antiquities and artefacts on display in the UK and whose provenance is alleged to be broken by misappropriation. Such artefacts can only be seized on a court order that was compelled by a Community obligation or a treaty obligation.

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Tribunals, Courts And Enforcement Act 2007 - Protection of Cultural Artifacts - Protection Under The Act
... Protected articles cannot be seized save under a court order made in the UK and which the court was required to make because of a Community obligation or treaty ... The Act does not provide immunity against prosecution for importing, exporting or otherwise dealing with the article (s ... These provisions of the Act bind the Crown (s ...

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