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Dusty Walker
(Shaun Cassidy, 1987–88)
Singer at The Outback. Friend of Blackie Parrish and Frisco Jones. Brainwashed by Elena Cosgrove.
Taylor Wallace
(Daniel Cummings, 2010–11)
Classmate of Kristina Davis and Michael Corinthos. Study partner and brief love interest to Kristina. Accompanies her on the ski trip that results in the 2010 bus crash.
Claire Walsh
(Dahlia Salem, 2010–11)
Federal marshal brought to Port Charles along with Thomas Rayner to investigate the illegal activities of Sonny Corinthos and Helena Cassadine, and to prosecute Sonny and Michael Corinthos for the murder of Claudia Zacchara. Lover of Sonny Corinthos. Works with Alexis Davis and Diane Miller before moving to Alaska.
Bradley Ward (deceased)
(Aaron Seville, 1994)
Illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine and Mary Mae Ward. Raised as the son of stepfather, Dan Ward. Husband of Isobel Ward. Father of Justus, and Faith Ward. Found murdered.
Dan Ward (deceased)
(Mentioned character)
Second husband of Mary Mae Ward, father David and Idios Ward, stepfather of Bradley Ward; dies in June 1969, approximately two months before his step granddaughter, Faith's birth.
David Ward
(Rif Hutton, 1995)
Son of Mary Mae Ward and Dan Ward. Maternal half-brother of Bradley Ward. Husband of Margaret Ward. Comes to Port Charles from Philadelphia at the request of his daughter, Keesha, to meet her boyfriend Jason Quartermaine.
Faith Ward
(April Weeden-Washington, 1994)
Daughter of Bradley and Isobel Ward. Sister of Justus Ward. Faith comes to town in 1994 for her father's memorial service but immediately leaves and wants nothing to do with the Quartermaine family. In 2010, her daughter, Maya Ward, comes to Port Charles to live with Edward Quartermaine.
Idios Ward
(Joyce Douglas, 1994, 1996)
Comes to town briefly for Mary Mae and Bradley's funerals. Daughter of Mary Mae and Dan Ward. Sister of David and maternal half-sister of Bradley Ward.
Isobel Ward
(Michelle Davison, 1994)
Comes to Port Charles in 1994 after Bradley's death. Widow of Bradley Ward. Mother of Justus and Faith Ward and grandmother to Maya Ward.
Justus Ward (deceased)
(Joseph C. Phillips, 1994–98; Monti Sharp, 1998–99; M'fundo Morrison, 2003–06)
Oldest child of Bradley and Isobel Ward. Grandson of Edward Quartermaine and Mary Mae Ward. Brother of Faith Ward. Attorney for his cousin, Jason Morgan, and Sonny Corinthos. Once engaged to Simone Hardy. Murders Damian Smith, although never caught. Lover of Faith Rosco. Briefly dates Lainey Winters. Killed by Manny Ruiz.
Keesha Ward
(Senait Ashenafi, 1994–98)
Cousin of Justus Ward. Daughter of David and Margaret Ward. Dates Jason Quartermaine before the car accident that erases his memory. Briefly gets involved with A. J. Quartermaine.
Margaret Ward
(Karlotta Nelson, 1994, 1996)
Comes to town in 1994 and 1996 for Bradley and Mary Mae's funerals. Wife of David Ward. Mother of Roy and Keesha Ward. Lives in Philadelphia.
Mary Mae Ward (deceased)
(Rosalind Cash, 1994–95)
Jazz singer. Owned and ran the Bradley Ward House. Mother of Bradley Ward, David Ward and Idios Ward. Widow of Buddy Powers and Dan Ward. Grandmother to Keesha Ward, Faith Ward and Justus Ward. Great-grandmother to Maya Ward. Close friends with Laura Spencer.
Maya Ward
(Annie Ilonzeh, 2010–11)
Medical intern at General Hospital. Daughter of Faith Ward. Comes to Port Charles in 2010 to live with her great-grandfather Edward Quartermaine. Gained custody of her little sister Zoe shortly after the death of her stepmother. Ex-wife of Ethan Lovett.
Roy Ward
(Reginald Harper, 1994, 1996)
Comes to town briefly for the funerals of Bradley Ward and Mary Mae Ward. Son of David Ward and his wife Margaret. Brother of Keesha Ward.
Ida Warren (deceased)
(Kathryn Joosten, 2002–03)
Paid by Coleman Ratcliffe to say she saw Brenda Barrett murder Luis Alcazar.
Randy Washburn
(Mark Miller, 1964)
A malaria patient that has a romance with Audrey March.
Elizabeth Webber
(Rebecca Herbst, 1997—; Martha Madison, temp. 2011)
Nurse at General Hospital. Daughter of Jeff Webber. Paternal half sister of Steven Webber and sister of Sarah Webber. Mother of Cameron Spencer, Jake Spencer and Aiden Spencer. Marries Ric Lansing and Lucky Spencer.
Heather Webber
(Georganne LaPiere, 1976–77, Mary O'Brien, 1977–79; Robin Mattson, 1980–83, 2004, 2012—)
Mother of Steven Webber. Cousin and life coach of Susan Moore. Marries Jeff Webber and Edward Quartermaine. Sent to a mental institution after attempting to kill Edward in 2004, and was temporarily released in 2012. Later sent back to Ferncliff.
Jeff Webber
(Richard Dean Anderson, 1976–81)
Son of Steve Hardy and Helene Webber. Brother of Rick Webber. Father of Steven Webber, Sarah Webber and Elizabeth Webber. Ex-husband of Monica Quartermaine and Heather Webber.
Lesley Webber
(Denise Alexander, 1972–84, 1996–2009)
Mother of Laura Spencer. Grandmother to Nikolas Cassadine, Lucky Spencer and Lulu Spencer. Marries Rick Webber. Presumed to have been killed in a car crash in 1984 but kept rehabilitated by Stefan Cassadine.
Mike Webber
(David Mendenhall, 1980–86)
Adoptive son of Rick Webber. Biological son of Derek Barrington and Ginny Blake.
Rick Webber (deceased)
(Michael Gregory, 1976–78; Chris Robinson, 1978–86, 2002, 2013)
Son of Lars Webber and Helene Webber. Half-brother of Jeff Webber. Brother of Terri Webber Arnett. Marries Lesley Webber and Ginny Blake Webber. Father of Rick Webber, Jr. Adoptive father of Mike Webber. Stepfather of Laura Spencer. Murdered by Scott Baldwin.
Sarah Webber
(Jennifer Sky, 1997–98; Sarah Laine, 2002)
Daughter of Jeff Webber. Paternal half-sister of Steven Webber and sister of Elizabeth Webber. Dates Nikolas Cassadine and Lucky Spencer. Moves to northern California.
Steven Lars "Steve" Webber
(Martin Hewitt, 1979; Shaun Benson, 2004–05; Scott Reeves, 2009–13)
Only son of Jeff Webber and Heather Webber. Half-brother of Elizabeth Webber and Sarah Webber. Engaged to Olivia Falconeri. Went to Prison in Memphis, Tennessee on a Murder Charge.
Mrs. Weeks
(Lenore Kingston)
Part of the original cast.
Al Weeks
(Tom Brown, 1963–65, 1970–74)
Part of the original cast, Al Weeks is father of Eddie Weeks. He is the custodian at General Hospital and marries Lucille March.
Angie Costello-Weeks
(Jana Taylor, 1963–65, 1993)
Daughter of Mike Costello. In a severe car accident caused by Eddie Weeks in 1963. Marries Eddie Weeks in 1965.
Eddie Weeks
(Craig Curtis, 1963; Doug Lambert, 1964–65)
Part of the original cast, Eddie is the driver of a car accident that puts Angie Costello in the hospital. They conceive an illegitimate child which they give up for adoption to the Flemings, then kidnap the baby after they marry. Eddie is the son of Al Weeks and ex-boyfriend of Dorothy Bradley.
Lucille March Weeks (deceased)
(Lucille Wall, 1963–76, 1982)
Head nurse at General Hospital. Sister of Audrey March Hardy. Wife of Al Weeks.
Samantha Welles
(Dawn Merrick, 1985–89)
Police officer. Friend of Frisco Jones.
Britta "Britt" Westbourne
(Kelly Thiebaud, 2012—)
Daughter of Cesar Faison and Lisa Obrecht. Doctor at General Hospital. Dated Patrick Drake.
Karen Wexler (deceased)
(Cari Shayne, 1992–94, 1995; Jennifer Hammon, 1997–99 (on Port Charles); Marie Wilson, 1999–2003)
Daughter of Scott Baldwin and Rhonda Wexler. Granddaughter of Lee and Gail Baldwin. Sister of Logan Hayes, Serena Baldwin and Christina Baldwin. Dates Jason Quartermaine. Marries Jagger Cates. Killed in car accident in 2003.
Rhonda Wexler
(Denise Galik-Furey, 1992–94)
Recovering alcoholic. Mother of Karen Wexler.
Agnes Whittaker
(Beth Peters, 1980–82, 1983, 1994)
Wife of Whit Whittaker. Friends of Luke and Laura. Helps Luke and Laura with their wedding. Rents a room for Luke and Laura when they are on the run in 1980.
Whit Whittaker (deceased)
(Mark Underwood, 1980–82, 1983)
Husband of Agnes Whitaker. Plays poker with Mom and Pop Calhoon.
Veronica Wilding (deceased)
(Jennifer Hetrick, 1998)
Former lover of Harlan Barrett. Mother of Brenda Barrett.
Mitch Williams
(Christopher Pennock, 1979–80)
District Attorney. Runs for State Senate. Briefly marries Tracy Quartermaine.
(Katelyn Pacitto, 2010)
Friend of Kiefer Bauer and Ashton. Rude to Kristina Davis because of her family.
Louise Elaine "Lainey" Winters
(Kent King, 2005–10)
Psychiatrist at General Hospital. Dates Justus Ward. Roommates with colleague Kelly Lee.
Dawn Winthrop (deceased)
(Kim Valentine, 1988–89; Sharon Case, 1989–90; Lisa Fuller, 1990; Jennifer Guthrie, 1990–91)
Only biological daughter of David Langton and Monica Quartermaine. Maternal half-sister of A. J. Quartermaine. Adoptive maternal half-sister of Jason Morgan and Emily Quartermaine. Marries Ned Ashton. Engaged to Decker Moss when she dies.
Prunella Witherspoon
(Chantal Contouri, 1988)
Con artist. Cousin of Robert Scorpio.
Deke Woods (deceased)
(Unknown actor)
Stepfather of Sonny Corinthos. Routinely abuses both Sonny and his mother Adela. Killed by Joe Scully.
Mr. Wu
(Aki Aleong, 1985)
Evil mastermind behind the Asian Quarter story. Keeps citizens enslaved until Robert Scorpio and others find the black pearls (which Robin has secretly put into her doll). Grandfather of Jade and Kim Soong. Impersonated by Robert in 1985 so that he can intercept Sean Donely, who had stolen the Aztec Treasure from Felicia Jones.
Maggie Wurth (deceased)
(Kodi Kitchen, 2011–12)
Pediatrician at General Hospital. Had dated Steven Webber when they both lived in Memphis. Dies of a drug overdose after her tea is spiked by Heather Webber.

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