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Iris Fairchild
(Peggy McCay, 1967–70)
A reformed alcoholic that becomes close with Lee Baldwin while working in his office. When Lee returns to his while Meg Baldwin, Iris returns to nursing at General Hospital.
Cesar Faison
(Anders Hove, 1990–92, 1999–2000, 2012)
Enemy of Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, Sean Donely, Robin Scorpio and Luke Spencer. Held Lucky Spencer captive on the orders of Helena Cassadine. His right-hand man was Jacques. Believed to have died twice–first on a boat with Anna and Robert, who were also presumed dead for a number of years, and then while escaping from the police on the docks in a boat which exploded. At the time of his presumed death in 2000, he was working for Helena. In the summer of 1993, Faison appeared on the ABC daytime series Loving. He also appeared on GH's daytime soap spinoff Port Charles in 1999. Revealed in 2012 to be alive, impersonating Duke Lavery in Port Charles, and responsible for the kidnapping of Robin Scorpio, Anna's presumed dead daughter and was also responsible for the murders of both Bernie Abrahms and Jason Morgan. Father of Britt Westbourne.
Dante Angelo Falconeri
(Dominic Zamprogna, 2009—)
Detective at the PCPD. Son of Olivia Falconeri. Long lost biological son of Sonny Corinthos and part of the Corinthos family. Husband of Lulu Spencer. Grew up as the only child from Bensonhurst. Originally came as an undercover police officer, he infiltrated the Zacchara organization and then Corinthos organization under the assumed name Dominic Perelli and attempted to bring Sonny to justice, but later retreated due to conflict of interest after learning Sonny was his father.
Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer Falconeri
(Amanda and Kerrianne Harrington 1994–95; Alisyn and Kelli Griffith, 1995–97, 1998–2001; Stephanie Allen, 2001–04; Tessa Allen, 2004–05; Julie Marie Berman, 2005–13; Marcy Rylan, 2013—)
Only daughter of Luke Spencer and Laura Spencer. Part of the Spencer family and part of the Corinthos family by marriage. Sister of Lucky Spencer. Maternal half-sister of Nikolas Cassadine and paternal half-sister of Ethan Lovett. Wife of Dante Falconeri. Was impregnated by Dillon Quartermaine in 2006 and had an abortion. Worked at Crimson Magazine for Kate Howard. Co-owns what it is now a nightclub, the Haunted Star, with and was romantically involved with Johnny Zacchara.
Olivia Falconeri
(Lisa Lo Cicero, 2008—)
Romanced Sonny Corinthos back in Bensonhurst when the two were teenagers. Cousin of Kate Howard. Mother of Sonny's eldest son, Dante Falconeri. Ex-lover of Johnny Zacchara. Once engaged to Steve Webber. Runs the Metro Court Hotel with Carly Jacks and Kate. Injected with LSD by Heather Webber. In June 2013 accidentally shot by Shawn Butler attempting to assassinate Robert Frank aka Franco.
Stella Fields (deceased)
(Jeff Donnell, 1979–88)
Former Quartermaine maid who quit when she won the lottery. In 2013, it was referenced that Stella had passed away sometime after 1988.
Fred Fleming
(Simon Scott, 1963)
Part of the original cast, Fred is the husband of Janet Fleming. Together they adopt the illegitimate child of Angie Costello and Eddie Weeks. Angie and Eddie marry and kidnap the baby back.
Janet Fleming
(Ruth Phillips, 1963)
Part of the original cast, Janet is the wife of Fred Fleming. Dr. Phil Brewer performs a hysterectomy on her to save her life, but faces charges for performing the procedure without Fred's knowledge. Janet and Fred adopt the illegitimate child of Angie Costello and Eddie Weeks. Angie and Eddie marry and kidnap the baby back.
Nurse Fletcher
(Mary-Pat Green, 2012)
Nurse who takes care of Robin Scorpio while she is held captive by Ewen Keenan and Jerry Jacks on behalf of Cesar Faison.
Andrea Floyd (deceased)
(Martha Byrne, 2009)
Wife of former Port Charles Mayor Garrett Floyd. Became a suspect in the murder of Garrett's mistress, Brianna Hughes. In an attempt to keep the truth hidden, she planted evidence in the home of District Attorney Alexis Davis to make her look like a jealous ex-lover. Also poisoned Edward Quartermaine to keep him quiet about the murder. Later that day, in an ironic twist, Edward suffered a heart attack because of the poisoning, causing him to lose control of his car and run down Andrea. She later died at General Hospital.
Garrett Prescott Floyd
(John Bolger, 2006–12)
Mayor of Port Charles from 2006 until 2012, when he was replaced by Janice Lomax. Widower of Andrea Floyd. Initially a suspect in the murder of his mistress Brianna Hughes, for which his wife Andrea was later found guilty. In an attempt to protect himself, he brought to light his brief 2006 affair with District Attorney Alexis Davis. Floyd announced in December 2011 that he would be going by his middle name, Prescott.
Catherine Flynn (deceased)
(Gloria Stuart, 2002–03)
Owned a club in the 1920s in Port Charles. Married to Marco and had a son given up for adoption. Grandmother of Faith Rosco. Killed by Faith in order so that she could gain her inheritance.
Russell Ford (deceased)
(Richard Gant, 2007–08)
Doctor and former Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Killed when a car crashed into the Emergency Room.
Foster (deceased)
(Foster the Dog, 1994–98)
A French mastiff adopted by Luke, Laura and Lucky Spencer. As a stray, he was hit by a car, prompting Lucky Spencer to walk again after being shot. Named Foster in the sense of “foster child,” but nicknamed Skillethead, Bat-Breath, Bone-Breath, and Snarl by Luke Spencer. Foster’s death was faked after he was arrested for biting a bully, and he was “re-born” as Foster II. Alerted family when Laura fell down the basement steps and went into labor with Lulu Spencer. Fathered Raoul after running away with Annabelle, the Quartermaine’s French Briard, making him the enemy of Edward Quartermaine. Last actual appearance on August 7, 1998. Only referred to off-screen after Lucky left the Spencer home. Date of death unknown. Trained by Cheryl Harris.
Irma Foster
(Dwan Smith, 1987)
Head of the Psychiatric Department at General Hospital.
Betsy Frank
(Betsy Franco, 2013)
Adoptive mother of Robert "Franco" Frank. Heather Webber took one of Susan Moore's twins and sold it to Betsy Frank, who then proceeded to raise Franco as her own.
Robert "Franco" Frank
(James Franco, 2009–10; 2010–12; Roger Howarth, 2013—)
Artist and serial killer who terrorized Jason Morgan and many people who Jason cared about. Later revealed to be Jason's fraternal twin. Father of Lauren Jerome. Thought to have been killed by Jason as revenge for the many crimes he committed against Jason's family.

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