Trench Foot

Trench Foot is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to damp, unsanitary, and cold conditions. It is one of many immersion foot syndromes. The use of the word trench in the name of this condition is a reference to trench warfare, mainly associated with World War I.

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Famous quotes containing the words foot and/or trench:

    And so on into winter
    Till even I have ceased
    To come as a foot printer,
    And only some slight beast
    So mousy or so foxy
    Shall print there as my proxy.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    The battle for the mind of Ronald Reagan was like the trench warfare of World War I: never have so many fought so hard for such barren terrain.
    Peggy Noonan (b. 1950)