• (noun): Parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a host.
    Synonyms: fluke, trematode worm

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Nanophyetus Salmincola - History of Discovery
... Small trematodes in the intestines of dogs that died after eating infected salmon were finally found in 1925 and the cysts present in the salmon were correctly identified as intermediate ... The trematode was first named by Chapin as Nanophyes salmincola in 1926, as a member of the family Heterophyidae ... Upon further examination of the morphology, Chapin reassigned the trematode to the family Troglotrematidae and renamed the parasite Nanophyetus salmincola, since ...
Round Goby - Parasites
... of the Black-Sea round goby are metacercariae of trematodes of Heterophyidae family, such as Cryptocotyle concavum, C ... The trematodes C ... The core of the parasite fauna comprises two species of trematode metacercariae C ...
Nanophyetus Salmincola - Detailed Information Regarding The Life Cycle Stages
... Rediae The rediae are the second larval stage of the trematode life cycle, that develops from the miracidum and contains germ cells that develop into cercariae ... salmincola were not parasitized by other trematodes ... disease, found to be present in all stages of the trematode ...