Transverse Process

  • (noun): One of two processes that extend from each vertebra and provide the point of articulation for the ribs.

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List Of Muscles Of The Human Body/version 2 - Muscles of Torso - Back
... Nerve Action Antagonist capitis Ligamentum nuchae, spinous process of C7-T6 Mastoid process of temporal and occipital bone C3, C4 Extend, rotate, and laterally flex the ... intertransversarii Transverse process Transverse process above Anterior rami of spinal nerves Lateral flexion of trunk ...
Erector Spinae Muscles
... which runs from the first 6 ribs to the posterior tubercle of the transverse process of C6-C4 ... origin and insertion longissimus thoracis originates from the sacrum,the spinous process of lumbar vertebrate and transverse process of the last thoracic ... longissimus cervicis originates from the transverse process of T6-T1 and inserts in the transverse process of C7-C2 ...

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