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Tracy Quartermaine - Storylines - 2005–08
... Tracy fell victim to a cruel prank at the hand of her son, Dillon Quartermaine, and his girlfriend, Georgie Jones, for Luke Spencer ... Since Tracy did not want to give him the money, Luke decided to pull the ultimate prank on her ... He would have Dillon call Tracy from Las Vegas and tell her that he and Georgie eloped ...

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    Mrs. Zajac knows you didn’t try. You don’t just hand in junk to Mrs. Zajac. She’s been teaching an awful lot of years. She didn’t fall off the turnip cart yesterday. She told you she was an old-lady teacher.
    Christine Zajac, U.S. fifth-grade teacher. As quoted in Among Schoolchildren, “September” section, part 1, by Tracy Kidder (1989)