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Mentioned or Guests

Farmer Allsop Runs the neighbouring farm to Farmer Fi's. He is mentioned many times, but made no appearances.

Roly Farmer Fi has borrowed Farmer Allsop's harvester twice when Wheezy wasn't available. He looks exactly like Wheezy but is blue and is much faster. In his first appearance he only appeared harvesting the wheat, but he was revealed as Roly in his second appearance, and was given a voice.

Mr Aziz Only mentioned once when Rev was carrying manure for his roses.

Rory Identical to Rora, but only appeared in the last episode of the first season, when hired by Matt. He is orange.

Wild Ducks Three wild ducks that appeared in the last episode of the second season, when they were migrating and stopped for a rest.

Rabbit It is unknown if the rabbit that appeared in the first season to steal the animal's food is the same one that appeared in the second season, visiting in Wheezy's "quiet place".

Fi's Parents Fi's mother phoned her once, not making an appearance, worrying about Fi's father's sudden illness, which turned out to be not serious. As Fi said, it was "just my mum worrying. You know what she's like."

Jerry Runs the sports centre and talked to Matt on the phone once.

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