Tractor Tom

Tractor Tom is an animated TV program, produced by Contender Entertainment and Hibbert Ralph Entertainment. There are two series of 26 eleven minute episodes produced between 9 February 2003 and 2004. There was also a stage show.

The show aired on CITV in the UK, and played in New Zealand and Australia.

Sales from DVDs of series one contributed to the Great Ormand Street Hospital Children's Charity. (although this is stated on the DVD covers the reference has been removed from the Official site) and

From the DVD cover: "Tractor Tom lives on Springhill Farm with Farmer Fi, Matt the Farmhand, and all of Tom's fantastic friends. No matter what the problem or the job to be done, it's Tractor Tom who saves the day... with heaps of fun and adventure along the way!"

The slogan for the show was "Tractor Tom, what would we do without you?"

Set on the idyllic Springhill Farm, brave and resourceful Tractor Tom and his human, animal and vehicle friends have fun and adventures at both work and play.

The first series featured Liza Tarbuck and James Nesbitt as Farmer Fi and Matt respecitively, but the vehicles only communicated through engine sounds.

The second series introduced new voices for the human characters and the vehicles talked as well.

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... Roly Farmer Fi has borrowed Farmer Allsop's harvester twice when Wheezy wasn't available ... He looks exactly like Wheezy but is blue and is much faster ...

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