Toxic Injury

A toxic injury is a type of injury caused by toxin. Toxic injuries can cause teratogenic effects, respiratory effects, gastrointestinal effects, cardiovascular effects, hepatic effects, renal effects and neurological effects. They can also lead to various forms of cancer or learning disability. Effects can occur after acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) exposure, depending on the toxicity of the substance.

Those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are at greater risk of toxic injury. In America, May is recognized as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Toxic Injury Awareness Month.

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Toxic Injury - Prevention
... Avoiding direct exposure to toxins will reduce the risk of toxic injury ... It is also important to maintain a clean and dry environment to prevent toxic molds in the home and workplace ... In the event that a toxic injury occurs, victims may have the option to file a specific type of lawsuit called a toxic tort ...

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