Towards A Sociology of The Novel

Towards a Sociology of the Novel (Pour une sociologie du roman) is a book written by Lucien Goldmann. The book was published 1963 in French. The book was a seminal work for Goldmann. In it, he lays out his theory of the novel.

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Towards A Sociology Of The Novel - Explanation of The Text - Summary - The Novel and The Structure of Market Society
... In other words, we can only understand the evolution of the novel if we understand the structure of reification in the real world ... Mainly, “How was the novel form able to emerge from economic reality?” Both Marxists and non-Marxists have previously thought that the novel does not emerge directly out of social life, but out of a ... in the new novel because the exchange structure seen in society and the novel form was not existent in the collective consciousness ...

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