Towa Organization

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List Of Boogiepop Characters - Boogiepop At Dawn
... (フィア・グール, Fea Gūru?) A young female doctor who discovers a Towa Organization 'evolution-drug' by accident and begins experimentations ... / Kishida Ichirou (岸田一朗, Kishida Ichirō?) A Towa Organization agent whose tasked to be on the look for humans who might be 'over-evolved', his disguise being that of a detective ... Gates of Dawn Appearances Boogiepop at Dawn, Boogiepop Phantom Pigeon (ピジョン, Pijyon?) A Towa Organization agent who delivers messages to other agents ...

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    When a man’s partner’s killed, he’s supposed to do something about it. It doesn’t make any difference what you thought of him, he was your partner and you’re supposed to do something about it. As it happens, we’re in the detective business; well, when one of your organization gets killed, it’s, it’s bad business to let the killer get away with it. Bad all around. Bad for every detective everywhere.
    John Huston (1906–1987)