Tournament of Champions (debate)

Tournament Of Champions (debate)

The Tournament of Champions is a high school debate tournament held annually at the University of Kentucky on the first weekend of May. It is the most prestigious tournament on the "national circuit," representing some of the most competitively successful debaters from the nation's most prestigious invitational debate tournaments. The tournament was founded by Dr. J.W. Patterson, former director of debate at the University of Kentucky.

Since its inception in 1972, the Tournament of Champions has emerged as the premier championship for high school debaters who frequently compete nationally in policy debate, Lincoln–Douglas debate, public forum debate, and Congressional Debate.

The Tournament of Champions functions as an independent tournament rather than an overarching organization governing high school debate, like the National Forensic League or National Catholic Forensic League. As such, the Tournament of Champions does not directly control the dozens of other national tournaments which occur weekly across the United States. Rather, the Tournament of Champions (or TOC) uses the results of other tournaments to provide the criteria for qualifying to its own event.

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