Total Logical Sectors

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FATX - Technical Design - Boot Sector - Exceptions
720 243 Cylinders (CHS) 77 ... Physical sectors / track (BPB offset 0x0D) ? 8 ... ? 9 ... (8) 9 ... used in MS-DOS for the Apricot PC and F1e had a different boot sector layout, to accommodate that computer's non-IBM compatible BIOS ... BPB parameters (offsets 0x00B-0x017 in the standard boot sector) were located at offset 0x050 ...

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    Grammar is a tricky, inconsistent thing. Being the backbone of speech and writing, it should, we think, be eminently logical, make perfect sense, like the human skeleton. But, of course, the skeleton is arbitrary, too. Why twelve pairs of ribs rather than eleven or thirteen? Why thirty-two teeth? It has something to do with evolution and functionalism—but only sometimes, not always. So there are aspects of grammar that make good, logical sense, and others that do not.
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