Toss Bombing

Toss bombing (sometimes known as loft bombing, and by the U.S. Air Force as the Low Altitude Bombing System, LABS) is a method of bombing where the attacking aircraft pulls upwards when releasing its bomb load, giving the bomb additional time of flight by starting its ballistic path with an upward vector.

The purpose of toss bombing is to compensate for the gravity drop of the missile in flight.

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Toss Bombing - Technology
... with flying and entering the window of opportunity, some aircraft are equipped with a “Toss Bomb Computer” (in US nuclear delivery, a part of the Low Altitude ... The Toss Bomb Computer takes airspeed inputs from the aircraft’s Pitot system, altitude inputs from the static system, attitude inputs from the gyroscopic system and ... War the engineers Erik Wilkenson and Torsten Faxén at Saab developed the first bomb sight for toss bombing ...

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