Tornoceratidae is a family of goniatitid ammonoids from the middle and upper Devonian. The family is included in the suborder Tornoceratina and the superfamily Tornoceratoidea.

Tornoceratids are subdiscoidal goniatitids with biconvex growth lines and sutures that form 6 to 10 lobes, the ventral one undivided, the lateral ones originating as subdivisions of external and internal lateral saddle. They are derived from the Anarcestida.

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Tornoceratidae - Descendants
... The Tornoceratidae probably gave rise to the Cheiloceratidae (Miller et al ... The Tornoceratidae may also have given rise, though Tornoceras to the Clymeniida ...
Tornoceratoidea - Taxomomy
... Tornoceratoid genera are divided among five families, Tornoceratidae, Parodoceratidae, Posttornoceratidae, Pseudoclymediidae, and Kirsoceratidae, some of which have been recently established ... Tornoceratidae, essentially the Tornoceratidae of the Treatise, Part L, 1957, included in the Cheilocerataceae is split as a result of new discoveries into three subfamilies, the Tornnoceratinae ... The family was originally included in the Tornoceratidae by Miller et al ...