Torchy can refer to:

  • Torchy (comics), a comic strip and comic book by Bill Ward begun in 1944, featuring the heroine Torchy Todd
  • Torchy the Battery Boy, a 1958-1959 puppet television series by Gerry Anderson
  • Torchy Blane, a female reporter character in late 1930s films
  • Torchy, a fire-breathing Dimetrodon from the third season of Land of the Lost
  • Torchy, a character played by Johnny Hines in a series of film shorts (1920-1922)
  • Torchy, a character played by Ray Cooke in all but one film short in a series (1931-1933)
  • Eugene Torchy Clark, American basketball head coach for the University of Central Florida (1969-1983)

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... Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel cited Glenda Farrell's portrayal of Torchy Blane as his inspiration for the personality of the character of Lois Lane, and the ... art model for Lois Lane, also cited Farrell's portrayal of Torchy Blane as Siegel's inspiration for Lois Lane ...
Torchy (comics) - Publication History
... Ward's drafting into the World War II military, the artist created the tall, blond, busty ingenue Torchy Todd for the base newspaper of Brooklyn's ... Torchy made her comic-book debut as main character of a backup feature of Quality Comics' Doll Man #8 (Spring 1946) ... A solo series, Torchy, had six issues (Nov ...
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