Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Team Rainbow - Members


The following is a list of all the members of Rainbow:

  • Simulated Major General John Terrence Clark a.k.a. Rainbow Six (CIA Special Activities Division, ex-MACV-SOG, Navy SEALs)
Deputy Director
  • Simulated Colonel Alistair Stanley a.k.a. Rainbow Five (ex-SAS)
  • Simulated Colonel Lance Copeland a.k.a. Rainbow Four (ex-Canadian Special Operations Regiment)
Executive Secretaries
  • Mrs. Alice Foorgate
  • Mrs. Helen Montgomery
Team One
  • Team Leader - Major Peter Covington (SAS)
  • Captain Hugh McGarrett (427 Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
  • Master Chief Miguel 'Mike' Chin (SEALs)
  • Sniper - Sergeant First Class Fred Franklin (Delta)
  • Sergeant Mortimer "Sam" Houston (Army Ranger)
  • Sergeant Geoff Bates (SAS)
  • Sergeant Joshua "J" Fisher (Delta)
  • Sniper - Sergeant Hank Patterson (Delta)
Team Two
  • Team Leader - Simulated Major Domingo "Ding" Chavez (CIA Special Activities Division, ex-Army)
  • Captain Nicholas Traven (JTF-2, ex-Canadian Army)
  • Company Sergeant Major Eddie Price (SAS)
  • First Sergeant Julio Vega (Delta, ex-Army Ranger)
  • Sniper - Sergeant First Class Homer Johnston (Delta, ex-Army Special Forces)
  • Sniper - Feldwebel Dieter Weber (GSG 9)
  • Staff Sergeant George Tomlinson (Delta)
  • Staff Sergeant Steve Lincoln (SAS)
  • Sergeant Paddy Connolly (SAS)
  • Sergeant Scott McTyler (SAS)
  • Sergeant Louis Loiselle (DGSE Action Division)
  • Sergeant Mike Pierce (Delta)
Team Two Secretary
  • Katherine Moony
  • Doctor Paul Bellow (Independent Negotiator and Psychologist)
  • Bill Tawney (ex-MI6)
  • Danny Wright (ex-CSIS)
  • Major Sam Bennett (Air Force)
Technical Staff
  • David Peled (Mossad)
  • Tim Noonan (FBI; former HRT tech support)
MH-60K Night Hawk Aircrew
  • Lieutenant Colonel Daniel "Bear" Malloy (Marine Corps)
  • Lieutenant Harrison (Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
  • Sergeant Jack Nance (Special Operations Aviation Regiment)
Weapons Trainer
  • Sergeant Major Dave Woods (British Army)

In The Bear and the Dragon, Rainbow makes a return. While their part in the novel at first seems small, they become more involved as the novel progresses.

It is noted that since the events of Rainbow Six, the public has become more aware of the existence of Rainbow, and are often referred to as the "Men of Black", in regards to their uniforms.

It is also said that the teams' roster is constantly changing. Many of the original members of Rainbow left the team, some later returned, and then a few left again, with new members always being added. Ettore Falcone from the Italian Carabinieri was added to Team Two (still under Ding's command) just before the events of The Bear and the Dragon. Lieutenant Colonel Malloy has been promoted to full Colonel and appointed to command Marine One, piloting the President of the United States.

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