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Arcade Game

This game consists of five to eight mini-games similar to those found at a typical carnival or amusement park. For each mini-game, the team has 30 seconds to complete its respective goal; to win the coin, the team must complete 3 out of 5, 4 out of 6, or 5 out of 7 or 8. Clearing all of the mini-games presented (or in the case of eight mini-games, completing seven) awards the team a second coin. The mini-games include:

  • Blowgun Fighter: One player is given a supply of pre-loaded blowguns. He or she must use the blowguns to pop eight balloons on a board a short distance away.
  • Bingo Tornado: One player throws balls at a wall with nine panels. The player must hit the panels so that they rotate to display a gold coin pictured on the other side. The player wins the mini-game by successfully revealing a line of three coins.
  • Shuriken Attack: One player slides discs shaped like shurikens (throwing stars) down a table which sharply tapers in an attempt to knock over five cylindrical blocks.
  • Banana Shooter: This mini-game uses two players; one player sets up giant bananas for the other to kick at a soccer goal; a rotating monkey acts as the goalie. The team must score five goals to win the mini-game.
  • Flying Burger: One player on the team places oversized hamburgers on a catapult, while another player, armed with a mallet, uses the catapult to throw the hamburgers into take-out containers on a rotating table a short distance away. In the center of the table is a giant milkshake; landing a hamburger in the milkshake counts the same as landing it in a container. A team wins the mini-game by landing hamburgers into three containers (or two containers and the milkshake). The remaining members of the team are allowed to stand behind the table and act as a backboard, but cannot use their hands.
  • Pizza Catcher: One player throws frisbees decorated to look like pizzas at holes in a wall (one circular, one triangular, one square). The player must throw a pizza through each of the three holes.
  • Super Dunk 1-on-1: One player shoots basketballs at a hoop, and must make seven baskets. In addition, after 10 seconds have elapsed, the basket begins to rotate, making the task more difficult.
  • Takoyaki Bong Bong: Six oversized takoyaki rotate around randomly inside a table. Using the stick provided, the player must skewer each takoyaki through the hole in its side and deposit it in the basket.

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