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Kintetsu Toba Line
... The Kintetsu Toba Line (近鉄鳥羽線, Kintetsu Toba-sen?) is a railway line of the Japanese private railway company Kintetsu, connecting Ujiyamada Station (Ise, Mie ... The line runs parallel to the JR Central Sangū Line ... The line connects with the Yamada Line at Ujiyamada Station and the Shima Line at Toba Station ...
Kintetsu Shima Line - History - Kintetsu Renovation
... In acquiring the line, Kintetsu now had a problem because the Shima Line, which originated at Toba Station, was not connected with the rest of Kintetsu's extensive rail network which only stetched ... Moreover, the railway gauge and voltage used on the Shima Line were different from the majority of Kintetsu lines, including the nearby Yamada Line which terminated at Ujiyamada ... offered bus service between Ujiyamada and Toba, but in the late 1960s they decided it was worthwhile to create a rail connection between the two in hopes of attracting customers from the ...

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