Titus Oates

Titus Oates (15 September 1649 – 12/13 July 1705) was an English perjurer who fabricated the "Popish Plot", a supposed Catholic conspiracy to kill King Charles II.

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Peter Tranchell
... of, predominantly, members of the college choir, of a dining society at Caius named the Titus Oates Society as a sort of antidote to other college clubs ... with his frequent cheekiness, that of the most reprehensible member of Caius thitherto Titus Oates ... The dinners included various toasts to Titus Oates, to a saint of the day - preceded by an entertaining biography of each - and to The Queen ...
Titus Oates - References To Oates in Later History
... of Douglas that he sat...with...teeth chattering." One newspaper called Lincoln a "Modern Titus Oates", implying that Lincoln was an imposter ...
John Kemble (martyr) - Titus Oates' Plot
... within which Father Kemble had operated was shattered by Titus Oates' plot in 1678 ... Titus Oates was a perjurer who concocted a plot in which the Anglican King Charles the Second would be assassinated and his Catholic brother (later, King James the Second) installed as ... When Oates' story was examined in detail the whole fraud was exposed, but by then the damage had been done.Among the many Catholics caught up in the frenzy was Father John Kemble ...
Captain Oats - In The Media
... In the 1948 film Scott of the Antarctic, Oates is played by Derek Bond ... book, Scott and Amundsen, (1979), entitled The Last Place on Earth, Oates was played by Richard Morant ... by Michael Smith, I am Just Going Outside Captain Oates – Antarctic Tragedy, (Spellmount Publishers 2002) claimed that a 20-year-old Oates fathered a daughter as the result of a brief affair with an 11-year-old ...

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