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Mechanosensation - Hair Cells - Future Studies
... This is probably a result of the tip links being broken ... Normally the tip links grow back in about half a day, but for some people they are more fragile, making those individuals more susceptible to hearing loss ... If the cause of this susceptibility could be determined, and if tip link are repair could be understood, then a drug could be developed that would help the tip links grow back more readily ...
Peripheral Auditory System - Inner Ear - Hair Cell
... is that cilia are attached to one another by “tip links,” structures which link the tips of one cilium to another ... Stretching and compressing, the tip links may open an ion channel and produce the receptor potential in the hair cell ... cdh23 and pchh15 are the adhesion molecules associated with these tip links ...
Stereocilia (inner Ear) - Design and Constellation
... actin filaments face their positive ends at the tips of the stereocilia and their negative ends at the base and can be up to 120 micrometres in length ... Filamentous structures, called tip links, connect the tips of stereocilia in adjacent rows in the bundles ... The tip links are made up of nearly vertical fine filaments that run upward from the top end of a shorter stereocilia to its taller neighbor ...

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    Panache upon panache, his tails deploy
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