Tingle (チンクル, Chinkuru?, also romanized Tincle in Japanese materials) is the video game character of the eponymous Tingle series. He was originally part of the The Legend of Zelda series, first appearing in Majora's Mask, released in the year 2000. Since his first appearance, he has appeared in each installment of the series up through Spirit Tracks, except for Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. He has gone on to be the star of video games for the Nintendo DS: Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, currently released in Japan and Europe, and the Japan exclusive games Tingle's Balloon Fight DS, Irozuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon Trip, as well as the DSiWare application Dekisugi Tingle Pack.

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Tingle - Impact and Reception
... The editors at IGN did not like Tingle, in part because his role in The Wind Waker was an integral part of "tedious fetch quests" ... Cracked editor Tim Lovett listed Tingle as the seventh most annoying character in otherwise great games, criticizing him for being a general annoyance and his "Kooloo-Limpah ... Tingle ranked sixth on GameDaily's top 10 ugliest game characters list, stating that his face looks out of place ...
Moggridgea Tingle - Ecology
... Moggridgea tingle live within the topsoil or in the fibrous bark of Eucalyptus jacksonii (Tingle trees), constructing nests of silk tubes ... tingle is vulnerable to fire and habitat destruction associated with roads ...
Moggridgea Tingle - Description
... Moggridgea tingle is less than 10 millimetres long, the female carapace length is 2.6 - 3.1 mm ... tingle was discovered by accident in a laboratory analysis of another arachnid and the bark in which it was living, the spider was noticed when it emerged as the sample was discarded ... The specific epithet is derived from the common name 'tingle', the tree from which the bark was taken ...
Robert Tingle - Political Involvement - 2008 United States Senate Campaign
... the still tremendously popular Reed to run unopposed for a third term, Tingle announced his candidacy and was nominated by his own Republican Party ... Tingle is pro-life, in favor of gun rights, in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, in favor of abolishing the federal income tax, against amnesty for illegal immigrants, in favor of ... Tingle has criticized Reed's liberal voting record in the Senate as being out of touch with blue-collar Rhode Islanders, taking particular issue with Reed's pro-choice bent ...
Moggridgea Tingle
... Moggridgea tingle, also called the Tingle trapdoor spider is a small, basal spider endemic to the tingle and karri forest of southwestern Australia ...

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    This was charming, no doubt: but they shortly found out
    That the Captain they trusted so well
    Had only one notion for crossing the ocean,
    And that was to tingle his bell.
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)