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  • Tim Drake as Robin appears in Batman: Dark Tomorrow voiced by Jonathan Roumie, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu voiced by Scott Menville, and Lego Batman: The Videogame vocals by James Arnold Taylor,
  • Tim Drake is a playable character in all of the challenge maps Batman: Arkham City, as well as appearing in the story voiced by Troy Baker. The game's producers describe the new Arkham City Drake as a grittier, darker character to fit the tone of the new game series, perhaps being a cage fighter in his spare time to hone his skills. While his costume has been redesigned so as to add a hood and armor, it will still incorporate his traditional red and yellow colors, though blending Drake's old and new costume together. The screenshot released of him has portrayed his physical appearance as more muscled with a short buzz-cut. He is available through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Alternate skins for the character include his Red Robin costume, modeled in the realistic style of the game, and a skin based on Dick Grayson's Robin from Batman: The Animated Series. He appears briefly in the story of the game, intervening during a confrontation between Batman and members of the League of Assassins. After which, Batman gives him a sample of his own poisoned blood to get to a hospital for analysis and tells him to keep watch over Gotham whilst he deals with events in Arkham City. Drake is a playable character in Robin challenge maps and in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, where he must enter the Arkham City Steel Mill to rescue Batman, who had gone missing two days previously and been captured by Harley Quinn, who is seeking revenge following the events of the main game.
  • Tim Drake's incarnation of Robin is playable in Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, voiced by Charlie Schlatter.
  • Tim Drake also appears in his Robin role in DC Universe Online voiced by Wil Wheaton. He will appear in both the Hero and Villain quest storyline, siding with the player if he or she has chosen a Hero or attacking if the player has chosen a Villain. He is also the basic Legends PVP character granted for free to Hero players as a starter. Both during the main missions and as a playable character in short pvp matches, he uses his signature bojutsu style. Tim can also be found at one of the police stations that serves as safehouses for Heroes, and in the Watchtower, selling a PVP armor set called Raptor Infiltrator based on his looked
  • Tim Drake will appear as a playable character in the upcoming video game Young Justice: Legacy.

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