Timeline of Slatington Schools

The following is a timeline of the development of schools in Slatington, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of the state:

1820 First school – Old Stone Mill, Lower Slatington

1857-67 Welsh Church, West Church Street, Slatington Presbyterian Church, Slatington

Lehigh Slate Co. Store, 2nd Floor, Slatington Home of Moses Kuntz, Slatington

1868 Construction - Two-story brick structure, 47’ x 50’ – dedicated August 30, 1868 – Second and Main Streets, Slatington {student enrollment -- 200}

Lincoln Avenue, Walnutport, PA {Whitehouse School}

1872 Purchased property – Emerald, PA, Washington Township on April 20, 1872

1879 Addition to Second and Main Street Building – 25’ x 45’ – two-story structure

1883 Addition to Second and Main Street Building – 47’ x 50’ – two-story structure

1890 Construction of a two-story brick structure, 50’ x 50’, four classrooms, Grammar School

Fairview Avenue, Slatington

1897 New High School {Kuntz Alley} – Future Lincoln Building {student enrollment – 777}

1905 Construction of Franklin School House, Emerald, PA, Washington Township

1906 Construction of Roosevelt Elementary School, Walnut Street, Slatington

1911-12 Construction Slatedale Elementary School, Slatedale, Washington Township

1916 Construction of New High School, Second and Main Street, Slatington

1917 Fire destroys high school {Lincoln Building}

1918 High School {Lincoln Building} rebuilt

1937 Construction of Smith Hall Athletic Complex

On July 7, 1952, a merger between the Slatington School District and the Walnutport School District became reality. The new school district became the Blue Valley Union School District. Washington Township School District remained as before.

1953 Construction of new Walnutport Elementary School, Lincoln Avenue, Walnutport

On August 20, 1953, a joint school agreement was made between the Blue Valley Union School District and the Washington Township School District known as the Northern Lehigh Joint Schools. From 1953 to 1966, three Board meetings were conducted each month; the Blue Valley Union School Board, the Washington Township School Board, and the Northern Lehigh Joint Schools. The Board of the Northern Lehigh Joint Schools was composed of representatives from the two school districts' Boards.

1954 Addition of Slatedale Building

1954 Construction of Peters Elementary, Friedens

1955-56 Last school year the children from Northwestern Joint School District{Lynn-Heidelberg} would be attending Slatington High School

1956-57 Lynn-Heidelberg seniors will finish final year at Slatington High School

1959 Construction of new high school, 600 North Diamond Street, Slatington

1966 Addition to Peters Elementary

1966 Franklin School House, Emerald – Sold on August 27, 1966

On July 1, 1966, the Blue Valley Union School District and the Washington Township School District merged to form the Northern Lehigh School District as we know it today. The district is now composed of the Boroughs of Walnutport, Slatington, and the Township of Washington; a total of 27 square miles (70 km2).

1973 Construction of Slatington Elementary School and Administrative Offices at 1201 Shadow Oaks Lane, Slatington on October 11, 1973

1975 Sale of the Walnutport Elementary building known as the Whitehouse Building

1975 Demolition of the Lincoln Elementary building

The Slatington High School and Slatington Junior High School names were changed on June 11, 1980 to the Northern Lehigh High School and the Northern Lehigh Junior High School.

1980 On October 10 the Lincoln Elementary School property and Smith Hall Athletic Complex property were sold to Lehigh County Housing Authority for $75,000.00

1981 May 1981 - Slatedale Elementary building was sold

1981 Construction of new Northern Lehigh High School, one Bulldog Lane, Slatington

{student enrollment for district - 2220}

1982 On October 2 – old Junior High School at main and Second Street, Slatington was sold

1982 Smith Hall Athletic Complex was demolished

1982 Renovation of old High School {600 North Diamond Street} to become new Northern Lehigh Junior High School

1990 Construction of new 50’ x 50’ weight room facility by Northern Lehigh Athletic Association parents 1992 Renovation of existing 1954 and 1966 Peters Elementary building –new construction of an additional two-story wing {student enrollment for district – 2158}

2001 New Library/Classroom Additions to Northern Lehigh High School to accommodate the transfer of 9th Grade from the Junior High. Planning for renovations of the Junior High which will be converted to a Middle School

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