Timeline of Pinellas County, Florida History - 1907 – 1945

1907 – 1945

  • 1907 Pinellas "Declaration of Independence" marks major milestone on the road to creating Pinellas County. (LBBC, p. 34).
  • 1910 Gulfport, Florida incorporated. (Baker, p. 83).
  • 1910 Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad extended to Tarpon Springs.
  • 1911 St. Petersburg’s first high school is built. (Baker, p. 96).
  • 1912 Pinellas County officially separates from Hillsborough County. (PCPD, p. 4).
  • 1913 Pinellas Park incorporated. (Baker, p. 83).
  • 1914 Aviation history was made in St. Petersburg as Tony Jannus made the world's first scheduled airline flight with the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line from St. Petersburg to Tampa. (PCPD, p. 4).
  • 1914 Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad extended to St. Petersburg. First SAL train arrives September 22.
  • 1916 Morton F. Plant, son of Henry B. Plant, gives $100,000 toward creation of Clearwater’s first hospital, which still bears his name. (Baker, p. 110). Oldsmar, Florida incorporated. (Olds, p. 253).
  • 1917 No fence law illegalizes cattle roaming free. (Olds, p. 253).
  • 1918 Cattle stampede in St. Petersburg. (Olds, p. 254).
  • 1921 Real estate boom period begins Pinellas. Severe hurricane causes significant destruction throughout Pinellas County. Creates Hurricane Pass between what are now Caladesi and Honeymoon islands. (PCPD, p. 5). Fort's Dade and DeSoto deactivated. (Baker, p. 137).
  • 1923 County passes bond issue to build roads and bridges. (Baker, p. 137).
  • 1924 The Gandy Bridge opens, halving the distance between St. Petersburg and Tampa. The bridge was the longest automobile toll bridge in the world. (PCPD, p. 5).
  • 1925 Palm Harbor named. (Olds, p. 259). St. Petersburg Kennel Club begins greyhound racing at what will become Derby Lane. (Baker, p. 142). Northern watchdog groups warn of impending collapse of Florida real estate market. (Baker, p. 146).
  • 1926. Real estate boom ends, severely stressing local economy. (PCPD, p. 5). Bee Line Ferry begins service between Pinellas and Manatee Counties. (Baker, p. 152).
  • 1927 American Legion Hospital for Crippled Children is founded. (Baker, p. 154).
  • 1928 County Commission deputizes Impounding Masters to keep cattle inside county pasture. (Olds). R. E. Olds sells holdings in Oldsmar and buys Fort Harrison Hotel. (Olds, p. 107).
  • 1929 The Great Depression begins.
  • 1930 City of St. Petersburg defaults on its bonds. (Baker, p. 165).
  • 1934 The Davis (Courtney Campbell) Causeway connects Clearwater more directly with Tampa.
  • 1938 Treasure Island incorporated. (Baker, p. 184).
  • 1941 World War II begins; population growth in Pinellas slows dramatically. (PCPD, p. 5).
  • 1942 Military begins sending personnel to Pinellas for training.(Baker, p. 191).
  • 1943 St. Pete Beach incorporated. (Baker, p. 184).
  • 1945 World War II ended; Pinellas enters a period of rapid growth and development. (PCPD, p. 5). Redington Beach incorporated. (Baker, p. 184).

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