Timeline of 16th-century Muslim History - 16th Century (1501–1600) (906 AH – 1009 AH) - 1580 - 1589 - Safavid Dynasty

Safavid Dynasty

  • 1588: The reign of Abbas I of Safavid begins.

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... by Sunni Muslims, Jews and Zoroastrians under the reign of the Safavid Dynasty in Persia is of great historical relevance to the migration of many Nakhudas ... port of Surat, in particular have a strong history of Nakhudas dating back to the Mughal and the Safavid Dynasty ... by sea during the rule of Persia's Safavid Dynasty (1502–1722), possibly from Hormozgan Province as Surat used to have regular sea borne to and fro ...
Lion And Sun - History - Safavid Dynasty
... In Safavid times, the lion and sun stood for two pillars of the society, state and religion ... It is clear that, although various alams and banners were employed by the Safavids during their rule, especially the earlier Safavid kings ... According to Najmabadi, the Safavid interpretation of this symbol was based on a combination of mytho-histories and tales such as the Shahnama, stories of ...