Timbrel (album)

Timbrel (album)

Timbrel is an album by Terl Bryant. Released in 1999.

This is an album from ex Iona drummer Terl Bryant. The rhythms of praise flow through these psalms performed by Terl and a group including the talents of Joanne Hogg, Juliet Bryant, Charlie Groves, Ali Groves, Bruce Pont, Troy Donockley, Mike Haughton, Dave Bainbridge, Phil Parker.

The album includes some of the same musical traditions utilised by the band Iona. The character of the project maintains a style of music for Christian worship that is unique in its rhythmic focus. By incorporating vocal talents that are specific to the nature of each song, there is a personal element that allows each presentation to become unique.

Recordings took place at the following:

  • ICC Studios, Eastbourne, England – (Engineer Neil Costello)
  • Soundfield, Derby, England – (Engineer Neil Costello)
  • Gemini Studios, Ipswich, England – (Engineer Neil Costello)

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