Tim Boo Ba

Tim Boo Ba is a fictional character that appears in the Marvel Universe. Tim Boo Ba first appeared in Amazing Adult Fantasy #9 (February 1962). His story was later republished with entirely new illustrations in Silver Surfer #4 (February 1968).

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Tim Boo Ba - Fictional Character Biography
... Tim Boo Ba is a reptilian humanoid from the microscopic planet Devoktos, and together with an army of mercenaries he decides to conquer the entire Microverse ... Despite initial success, Tim Boo Ba and his forces are apparently wiped out by a flood, which is revealed to be nothing more than a drop of water from the considerably larger Earth-616, the mainstream ... Tim Boo Ba apparently survives and years later tricks fellow monster Googam into using the scientific equipment of Mister Fantastic to enlarge him ...
Doctor Nemesis - Fictional Character Biography - Michael Stockton
... He succeeded and stumbled onto one that was ruled by the tyrant Tim Boo Ba ... down to microscopic size where he ended up on Tim Boo Ba's world ... He was captured and tortured Tim Boo Ba and his minions before returning to normal size and escaping ...
List Of Marvel Comics Golden Age Characters - Characters - 1960s (Pre-Fantastic Four #1)
... at the Baxter Building restaurant helped Elektro, Googam, and Gorgilla defeat Tim Boo Ba ... compactor became a parking valet at the Baxter Building restaurant tricked into bringing Tim Boo Ba to Earth helped Elektro, Fin Fang Foom and Gorgilla to defeat Tim Boo Ba Goom - an alien from Planet X and ... and became a janitor at the Baxter Building helped Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, and Googam defeat Tim Boo Ba ...