Till (disambiguation)

The word Till may mean the following:

  • One of several rivers in England:
    • River Till in Northumberland
    • River Till in Lincolnshire
    • River Till in Wiltshire
  • Till (surname) – several people
  • Till, a first name in the German language, related to the medieval name Theoderich (via Dietrich, for which Tillmann is a diminutive and regional form—which then sometimes is shortened to Till), and in the Frisian language, as a short form of medieval names beginning with Uiet-
    • Till Eulenspiegel, a Middle Low German folklore figure
    • Till Lindemann, the lead vocalist of German industrial metal band Rammstein
  • Tillage, in agriculture, the cultivation of the land prior to planting a crop
  • Till, an unsorted glacial sediment
  • Till seeds or til, another name for sesame seeds
  • Till, an older variant of the word "until"
  • Till (furniture), a small compartment or shelf inside a larger blanket chest, used to segregate small items
  • Till, in commerce, a cash register, a removable box within a cash drawer, or money counted at the beginning of the day for a cash register
  • Till (song), a song recorded by Roger Williams, The Angels, and The Vogues, among others