TIFF/EP - Differences From TIFF and Exif

Differences From TIFF and Exif

There are no major departures by the TIFF/EP standard from the TIFF standard, except that many of the TIFF tags are ignored.

The TIFF/EP standard does however have a few notable differences from the Exif standards:

  • All tags used by TIFF/EP which are defined by the Exif standard to reside within the Exif Sub-IFD now reside directly under the first (main) TIFF IFD.
  • The Exif IFD Sub-IFD, Interoperability Sub-IFD and the MakerNote Tag have all been omitted.
  • Unlike the TIFF 6.0 standard, the TIFF/EP standard defines a method of dealing with thumbnail images. This however is different from the method that is used in the Exif standard.
  • Several tags defined by the Exif standard have been re-defined in the TIFF/EP standard – see table below.
TIFF/EP Tag# Exif Tag# Tag Name
920B16 A20B16 FlashEnergy
920C16 A20C16 SpatialFrequencyResponse
920E16 A20E16 FocalPlaneXResolution
920F16 A20F16 FocalPlaneYResolution
921016 A21016 FocalPlaneResolutionUnit
921416 A21416 SubjectLocation
921516 A21516 ExposureIndex
921716 A21716 SensingMethod
828E16 A30216 CFAPattern

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