Tianjin Preserved Vegetable

Tianjin preserved vegetable (Chinese: 天津冬菜;; pinyin: Tiānjīn dōngcài; literally "Tianjin winter vegetable"; also called Tientsin preserved vegetable or Tianjin preserved cabbage) is a type of pickled Chinese cabbage originating in Tianjin, China. It consists of finely chopped Tianjin cabbage (箭杆菜; a variety of Chinese cabbage with an elongated shape) and salt. Garlic is also generally added in the pickling process, although it is omitted in versions prepared for consumption by members of certain Chinese Buddhist sects, who practice strict vegetarianism and do not consume garlic or other spicy foods. This pickled vegetable is used to flavor soups, stir fried or stewed dishes.

Tianjin preserved vegetable is commercially available in earthenware crocks or clear plastic packages.

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Tianjin Cuisine - Tianjin Preserved Vegetable
... Another characteristic of Tianjin cuisine is its utilisation of Tianjin preserved vegetable (天津冬菜), which is similar to the salt pickled vegetable, or yancai ... In order to preserve the unique taste, Tianjin preserved vegetable is often used for soups, fishes, and stir fried and directly eaten ...

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