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TI-Nspire Touchpad

On March 8, 2010, Texas Instruments announced the new TI-Nspire Touchpad and TI-Nspire CAS Touchpad graphing calculators. In the United States the new calculator was listed on the TI website as a complement to the TI-Nspire with Clickpad while in some other countries, the calculator was introduced as a successor to the previous model. The calculators were released alongside the OS 2.0 update, which featured a number of updates to the user interface and new functions.

The keyboards on the touchpad keypads featured a different and less crowded key layout along with the touchpad, which is used for navigation. The touchpad keypads are also compatible with older calculators that are running OS 2.0 or newer. The new calculators that were shipped with touchpad keypads supported an optional rechargeable battery. The second generation is also available in two models, the TI-Nspire Touchpad and TI-Nspire CAS Touchpad, and each model has maintained the color of itself, with the normal one being white and black while the CAS is black and gray.

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