TI-AR7 - Options


  • AR7DB
  • AR7RD
  • AR7WRD (TNETD7300GDU) is an AR7 option with an interface for WiFi card.
  • AR7VWI : DSL + VoIP + Wireless
  • AR7VW
  • AR7WI
  • AR7V : DSL + VoIP
  • The Adam2 bootloader
  • The Pspboot bootloader
Devices based on the Texas Instruments AR7
  • Actiontec GT701
  • Acorp W400G/W422G
  • Asus AAM6010EV : TNETD7300GDU, 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM
  • AVM Fritz!Box
  • Aztech DSL-600E: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM
  • Aztech DSL600ER: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch
  • Aztech DSL600EW: 4Mb FLASH, 16Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch, TNETW1130
  • D-Link DSL-xxxT (like 300T)
  • D-Link DVA-G3342SB (DSL board only)
  • ECI B-FOCuS combo 352+, B-FOCuS Router 312+A
  • devolo dsl+ 1100 duo, dsl+ 1100 LAN
  • Efficient Networks, Inc / ENI SpeedStream 5100
  • Huawei WA1003A
  • LevelOne FBR-1416A: 2Mb FLASH, 8Mb SDRAM, 88E6060 Switch
  • Linksys ADSL2MUE 4MB Flash, 16MB ram, USB + 1 Ethernet only
  • Linksys AG241
  • Linksys WAG200Gv1
  • Linksys WAG54Gv2 and v3
  • Linksys WAG354Gv1, v2, and v2.1
  • Linksys HG200
  • Netgear DG834(G) (Version 1, 2, and 3 have AR7 Chipset; version 4 has Broadcom chipset)
  • Paradyne (Zhone Technologies) Hotwire 6210-A2, 6211-A2, and 6381-A2 (OEM Asus AAM6010EV)
  • Pluscom AWR-7200
  • Safecom SWART2-54125
  • Shiro DSL805(E/EU/EW)
  • Siemens SX541 uses real-time OS (SOHO.BIN) and BRN Boot Loader from the Broad Net Technology, Inc.
  • Siemens SpeedStream 4100/4200/5620/SE567
  • Sitecom WL-108
  • Surecom 9410SX-g
  • Solwise ADSL-SAR-600E/SAR600EW/SAR605EW
  • Sphairon Turbolink JDR454WB WLAN ADSL Modem (2548 937939)
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL SE
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL Basic SE
  • T-Com Sinus 154 DSL Basic 3
  • T-Com Speedport W501V
  • T-Com Speedport W701V
  • TRENDnet TEW-435BRM v1
  • Westell WireSpeed 2000 and ProLine 6100
  • ZyXEL Prestige 660 Series ADSL 2+ Modem/Router - Prestige 660M-67 (Arcor-DSL Speed-Modem 50Z)
  • 3Com Officeconnect 3crwdr100x series 3Com 3rcwdr100x series ADSL firewall router
Third-party firmware
  • RouterTech has released open source firmware.
  • OpenWrt has open source firmware in development, available for testing.
  • DGTeam
  • openwag200g

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