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City Gardens - Dance Nights - Thursday Night Ninety Cent Dance Night
... Thursday Night Dance Night, which started with DJ Randy Now (Randy Ellis) in 1980, but was taken over by DJ Carlos (Carlos Santos) in early 1983 ... DJ Carlos was the main Thursday night and house DJ until late 1994, playing a combination of New Wave, alternative, industrial and cutting-edge dance music for the time period ... Frank Nalbone has stated to this author that Thursday night dance night, with DJ Carlos, made it possible for the club to keep its doors open and feature many of the live acts, which often were not ...
National Football League On Television - Sunday Regional Games - National Games
... National broadcasts of marquee matches occur on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights ... NBC has broadcast rights to Sunday night games ... NBC also has broadcast rights to the opening night kickoff game ...
Must See TV - Advertising
... Thursday nights are coveted by advertisers due to the large proportion of young, affluent viewers who tune in ... interest, movie advertisers promote their titles to this target demographic on Thursday night, in hopes of influencing what movies they see on the following Friday night, the ... in NBC promotions in August 1993 and included the day of the week "Must See TV Thursday." In late summer of 1993, NBC wanted viewers to tune in an hour prior to the popular Seinfeld, and created the "Must See TV ...
NFL Network Thursday Night Football Results (2006–present)
... and scores from National Football League games aired on NFL Network's Thursday Night Football ... Starting with the 2006 NFL season, NFL Network was awarded the rights to air Thursday night games (with some extra broadcasts on Saturday nights) ... Previously, games played on Thursdays were broadcast on TNT and ESPN ...
World Football League - Rules
... While NFL games were played mostly on Sundays and, from 1970 onwards, a game on Monday night, the WFL's 1974 schedule called for Wednesday night football (with a Thursday night national TV game) ... The featured Thursday night game was later adopted as "Thursday Night Football" by the NFL in 2006 ...

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    Master, we have worked all night long but have caught nothing. Yet if you say so, I will let down the nets.
    Bible: New Testament, Luke 5:5.

    Simon to Jesus.

    Newspaperman: That was a magnificent work. There were these mass columns of Apaches in their war paint and feather bonnets. And here was Thursday leading his men in that heroic charge.
    Capt. York: Correct in every detail.
    Newspaperman: He’s become almost a legend already. He’s the hero of every schoolboy in America.
    Frank S. Nugent (1908–1965)