Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days is also the title of:

  • Thirteen Days (book), a 1969 memoir by Robert F. Kennedy of the crisis
  • Thirteen Days (film), a 2000 movie dealing with the same period
  • "Thirteen Days", a song by J. J. Cale on his 1979 album 5

Other articles related to "thirteen days":

Thirteen Days (film)
... Thirteen Days is a 2000 docudrama directed by Roger Donaldson about the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, seen from the perspective of the US political leadership ... While the movie carries the same name as the book Thirteen Days by former Attorney General Robert F ...
Thirteen Days (book)
... Thirteen Days A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis is Robert F ... Thirteen Days describes the meetings held by the Executive Committee (ExComm), the team assembled by US President John F ... In 2000, the theatrical film Thirteen Days was produced using the same title, but based on an entirely different book, The Kennedy Tapes Inside the White ...

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