Thiele and Ladiges' Taxonomic Arrangement of Banksia - Thiele and Ladiges' Arrangement

Thiele and Ladiges' Arrangement

In 1996, Kevin Thiele and Pauline Ladiges published a cladistic analysis of the Banksia genus in the journal Australian Systematic Botany. As their cladogram differed substantially from the current taxonomic arrangement, they published a revised arrangement that accorded better with their results. Four varieties were promoted to species rank: B. conferta var. penicillata to B. penicillata (now B. conferta subsp. penicillata); B. gardneri var. brevidentata to B. brevidentata; B. gardneri var. hiemalis to B. hiemalis; and B. sphaerocarpa var. dolichostyla to B. dolichostyla. Two new series and elevensubseries were introduced; B. sect. Oncostylis and B. ser. Crocinae were discarded; and B. ser. Cyrtostylis was largely redefined. Six species were left incertae sedis.

Thiele and Ladiges' 1996 taxonomic arrangement of Banksia was as follows:

B. subg. Isostylis
B. ilicifolia
B. cuneata
B. oligantha
B. elegans (incertae sedis)
B. subg. Banksia
B. ser. Tetragonae
B. elderiana
B. lemanniana
B. caleyi
B. aculeata
B. ser. Lindleyanae
B. lindleyana
B. ser. Banksia
B. subser. Banksia
B. ornata
B. serrata
B. aemula
B. subser. Cratistylis
B. candolleana
B. sceptrum
B. baxteri
B. speciosa
B. menziesii
B. burdettii
B. victoriae
B. hookeriana
B. prionotes
B. baueri (incertae sedis)
B. lullfitzii (incertae sedis)
B. attenuata (incertae sedis)
B. ashbyi (incertae sedis)
B. coccinea (incertae sedis)
B. ser. Prostratae
B. petiolaris
B. repens
B. chamaephyton
B. blechnifolia
B. hiemalis (now B. gardneri var. hiemalis)
B. gardneri
B. brevidentata (now B. gardneri var. brevidentata)
B. goodii
B. ser. Cyrtostylis
B. pilostylis
B. media
B. epica
B. praemorsa
B. ser. Ochraceae
B. benthamiana
B. audax
B. laevigata
B. laevigata subsp. laevigata
B. laevigata subsp. fuscolutea
B. ser. Grandes
B. grandis
B. solandri
B. ser. Salicinae
B. subser. Acclives
B. oblongifolia
B. plagiocarpa
B. robur
B. dentata
B. subser. Integrifoliae
B. marginata
B. conferta
B. penicillata (now B. conferta subsp. penicillata)
B. paludosa
B. canei
B. saxicola
B. integrifolia
B. integrifolia subsp. integrifolia
B. integrifolia subsp. monticola
B. integrifolia subsp. compar
B. integrifolia subsp. aquilonia (now B. aquilonia)
B. ser. Spicigerae
Banksia subser. Spinulosae
B. spinulosa
B. spinulosa var. spinulosa
B. spinulosa var. collina
B. spinulosa var. cunninghamii
B. spinulosa var. neoanglica
B. subser. Ericifoliae
B. ericifolia
B. ericifolia var. ericifolia
B. ericifolia var. macrantha
B. subser. Occidentales
B. occidentalis
B. brownii
B. seminuda
B. verticillata
B. littoralis
B. ser. Quercinae
B. quercifolia
B. oreophila
B. ser. Dryandroideae
B. dryandroides
B. ser. Abietinae
B. subser. Nutantes
B. nutans
B. nutans var. nutans
B. nutans var. cernuella
B. subser. Sphaerocarpae
B. grossa
B. dolichostyla (now B. sphaerocarpa var. dolichostyla)
B. micrantha
B. sphaerocarpa
B. sphaerocarpa var. sphaerocarpa
B. sphaerocarpa var. caesia
B. subser. Leptophyllae
B. telmatiaea
B. scabrella
B. leptophylla
B. leptophylla var. melletica
B. leptophylla var. leptophylla
B. lanata
B. subser. Longistyles
B. violacea
B. laricina
B. incana
B. tricuspis
B. pulchella
B. meisneri
B. meisneri var. meisneri
B. meisneri var. ascendens

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