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Process Window Index - Formula
... highest number) in the set of thermal profile data ... For each profile statistic the percentage used of the respective process window is calculated, and the worst case (i.e ... For example, a thermal profile with three thermocouples, with four profile statistics logged for each thermocouple, would have a set of twelve statistics for that thermal profile ...
Process Window Index - PWI in Electronics Manufacturing
... In soldering, a thermal profile is a complex set of time-temperature values for a variety of processes such as slope, thermal soak, reflow, and peak ... Each thermal profile is ranked on how it fits in a process window (the specification or tolerance limit) ... A PWI greater than or equal to 100% indicates that the profile does not process the product within specification ...
Boundary Layer - Aerodynamics
... The thermal boundary layer thickness is similarly the distance from the body at which the temperature is 99% of the temperature found from an inviscid solution ... If the Prandtl number is greater than 1, the thermal boundary layer is thinner than the velocity boundary layer ... Prandtl number is less than 1, which is the case for air at standard conditions, the thermal boundary layer is thicker than the velocity boundary layer ...
Combustor - Fundamentals - Components
... The case is protected from thermal loads by the air flowing in it, so thermal performance is of limited concern ... That mechanical (rather than thermal) load is a driving design factor in the case ... Some combustors also make use of thermal barrier coatings ...

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