Thermal Management

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Properties of Electric Vehicles - Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles - Heating of Electric Vehicles
... it during winter, seems to be the most practical and promising way of solving the thermal management of the EV ... a new concept based on the principle of combining the thermal-management of the EV-battery with the thermal-management of the cabin using a reversible AC-system ...
Thermal Copper Pillar Bump
... The thermal copper pillar bump, also known as the "thermal bump", is a thermoelectric device made from thin-film thermoelectric material embedded in flip chip interconnects (in particular copper pillar solder ... bumps that provide an electrical path and a mechanical connection to the package, thermal bumps act as solid-state heat pumps and add thermal management functionality locally on the surface of a chip or to another ... The diameter of a thermal bump is 238 μm and 60 μm high ...

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    People have described me as a “management bishop” but I say to my critics, “Jesus was a management expert too.”
    George Carey (b. 1935)